Going through a divorce or separation can be a very difficult time. At A&A, we are experienced in focusing on only the most important issues and moving the case forward so a resolution can be found in a timely manner.  We always look out for our clients’ best interests.

We will assist you to communicate and negotiate the legal issues with your spouse. We also advise certain clients, depending on the gravity of the issues involved in the case, to resort to out of court settlement of marital disputes, which will allow a more peaceful settlement between both parties.

Where there is separation or divorce some of the related issues that arise include:

-      dividing family assets and property

-      maintenance or support issues and claims for you or your children

-      guardianship, custody and access issues involving your children

In some circumstances, immediate steps should be taken by way of applications to the court to preserve family assets or to protect you or your children. We provide assistance in all these matter from consultation to documentation and representation before the Family Courts. Our team is also trained to handle family matters with utmost confidentiality.

We also help and support our clients with consultation and counselling for sensitive cases such as domestic abuse, domestic violence, and dowry harassment.