Tax planning is a complicated process that any successful business or individual is bound to deal with. Each high worth transaction undertaken by a business or an individual has tax consequences. Every transaction has to be examined from a tax evaluation perspective to ensure that it is being done in the most tax efficient manner available. At A&A, we assist individuals and businesses from small and medium enterprises in all aspects of direct and indirect taxation.

As a boutique law firm, we are able to help you deal with tax disputes in a manner that provides you the maximum protection of your sensitive legal records. We understand that the best or most cost efficient results in a tax disputes are accomplished by negotiation, mediation and settlement. We are keen to pursue our clients’ objectives by looking at all settlement opportunities. We also have the expertise to represent our clients at the relevant court or tribunal if the need arises.

The tax matters that we deal with on a regular basis include:

●       Tax advice with respect to the new GST Regime;

●       Customs and Central Excise matters;

●       Tax advice with respect to corporate finance transactions and restructuring;

●       Structuring foreign investment into India;

●       Compliance with Indian tax laws; and

●       Dispute resolution with different direct and indirect Tax Authorities.