Our lawyers have long dealt with Anti-Suit Injunctions before the High Court of Madras, especially since the turn of the late 2000’s when globalization became a trend and businesses were transacting across countries and continents.

An Anti-Suit Injunction is filed by a party before the Court seeking an order to prevent an opposing party from pursuing the case in a foreign court. We understand that more businesses have their registered office outside of India and often sign agreements in different countries. When a legal issue arises, the Indian party seeks to enforce its rights within India and this often becomes a problem when the opposing party is abroad.

From our experiences, our team is practiced in the procedural aspects involved in obtaining an Anti-Suit Injunction order since today the threshold to obtain such an order is very high. We also understand that many parts of the case may need to remain confidential until completion of the ongoing arbitral or litigation proceedings of the main dispute. We are therefore able to provide complete support in terms of collation of documents and information, drafting of court documentation, filing and listing of the case and representation before the most favorable bench of the High Court.