Our team is always working towards achieving successful results for a broad base of clients, including individuals and corporations. Our lawyers have appeared before all levels of Court in Chennai, Coimbatore and Madurai. They have also represented clients before various tribunals and Courts across Tamil Nadu.

Civil litigation usually occurs when two or more individuals, business entities or corporations have a dispute or disagreement over a legal matter. This could include disagreeing over the terms of a contract, or over ownership of property or repayment of a debt. Civil litigation may also arise in the event of an accident, i.e. if an individual meets with a road accident or faces loss or damage to themselves or to their property.

Court procedures for litigation cases can be complicated with the many processes and paperwork that describes the various stages of different kinds of lawsuits. We advise on the step-by-step process for each type of case so the client is aware of stages involved in their case. We also handle cases such as:

-      Summary suits

-      Recovery of money

-      Declaration suits

-      Personal Injury Suits

-      Other Suits