Arbitration is a legal alternative to dispute resolution where the parties in the case agree to resolve the case by submitting their statements and responses to a neutral third party (the arbitrator) for resolution. In today’s litigation system, Arbitration is an important way to resolve disputes quickly and affordably.

Globalisation is changing how the world operates at a rapid scale, and businesses that expand into new jurisdictions have a better chance to avoid domestic litigation by choosing to resolve their conflicts through International arbitration. While the arbitration may take place outside India, the execution of the Arbitral Award as a Decree in India is done by the Indian Courts. We are experienced in handling International Arbitration matters before the International Arbitration Centers and High Court in Chennai. We have expertise in representing clients before the Arbitral Tribunals as well as for injunction matters and execution matters relating to the Arbitration, before the High Court. 

We also deal with domestic and statutory arbitration matters over a wide range of disputes. Government contracts usually provide for compulsory arbitration to resolve disputes arising from such contracts. We have also been involved in dealing with statutory arbitrations arising from Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) Contracts and arbitrations revolving around the disputes arising from complaints to the National Stock Exchange, Bombay Stock Exchange and the Multi Commodity Exchange.